La Festa In Valle is an open air music festival that was born at the end of the 90s with the first improvised editions among friends, a few beers and two guitars. Over the years friends of friends played by connecting their amps to the only power generator and the following year the first wooden stage raised the members of the first official band before the eyes of all present. In 2011, it was time to coordinate better and found an association with the aim of creating and maintaining a quality event, supported by volunteer partners and collaborators, thus the FIV2011 association was born. The association has 7 members but the collaborators who participate every year in the realization of our open-air are many. La Festa In Valle therefore becomes a fixed appointment in the month of July which takes place throughout the day until late at night. Those who know La Festa In Valle will be able to confirm it; with us you will find a convivial, fun environment with music and genuine products where you can dance or just listen to excellent local and international bands immersed in the green nature that surrounds the Monte Carasso / Sementina valley. For some editions now, the Festa In Valle has become an open air known in Ticino and numerous bands have performed on its stage offering alternative musical performances also among Ticino schedule. Born as a free event, some editions have made it necessary to request a payment of 10CHF for admission (over 16 years) in order to support the increasingly conspicuous costs and offer a quality event. Part of the incomes are donated to benevolent associations of our region. We just have to give you the appointment for the next edition, on 8 of July 2023, ready to party !!! We are waiting for you


The Festa In Valle takes place in the churchyard of the Madonna della Valle church in Monte Carasso / Sementina. See here From Bellinzona: take the first road on the right after the bridge between Monte Carasso and Sementina, continue straight for about 300m until you reach the Valley. From Locarno: take the road on the left before the bridge between Sementina and Monte Carasso. During the event there will be a small camping area. Unfortunately, the place is limited and therefore the rule applies who first comes, better lodges. NB: It is forbidden to light fires or camp outside the indicated area.



Associazione FIV 2011

c/o Bacciarini Isabella

Via Urenn 3

6513 Monte Carasso